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Architectural, Engineering, Environmental Consulting, and Project Management

Sustainability Commitment and Goals

JG-I Group of Companies is committed to the continued development, improvement, and protection of our business, communities, personnel and the environment. JG-I strives to be a leader in not only the business of engineering, architecture, and project management but to be a leader in promoting sustainable social and economic growth.

We don't just provide architectural, engineering services, and project management – we are building a community!


  1. We provide high-quality products and services in all JG-I projects
  2. We contribute to the growth of communities in which we conduct our projects, ensuring the work is completed safely and on-time without costly delays
  3. We operate our business with internal management systems which are founded on transparency, communication and accountability
  4. We provide employment to many individuals, subcontractors and vendors in the Edmonton area and throughout Canada, contributing to the local socio-economic development
  5. We are dedicated to protecting and respecting the diversity of our JG-I team and the general public, and expect the same from all business partners and stakeholders
  6. We invest in our team members and provide an environment that fosters their personal and professional development
  7. We measure and assess all risks associated with our work, including environmental and social activities, and put into place controls to mitigate and/or reduce any negative impacts
  8. We support our natural environment and take necessary action to protect our resources wherever possible
Jar of Greenery Labeled 'Earth'


Continued Business Success

  • High-Quality Standard of Products and Services
  • Growing Economic Performance
  • Continued Client Satisfaction

Protecting and Promoting Employees

  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Employee Training, Development and Satisfaction
  • Employee Rights and Diversity

Community Investment

  • Contributing to the Local Economy
  • Social Investment
  • Control/Mitigate Negative Impacts

Reducing Environmental Impact

  • Waste Management
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Control/Mitigate Negative Impacts
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