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JG-I Operating Procedures

We don't just provide architectural, engineering services, and project management – we are building a community!

At JG-I Group of Companies (JG-I) we have a culture in which decisions and behaviours at all levels are fully aligned with JG-I's core values and business principles.

Our leadership team plays an essential role by setting the right example through their own behaviour. They set clear expectations so that all plans and activities are undertaken in a safe, responsible, and compliant manner.

Our team monitors external legal and regulatory developments to ensure we meet requirements and maintain compliance. JG-I employees implement required policies, standards and procedures in day-to-day processes.

JG-I's operating procedures enables staff to put our Vision and Values into practice. The code defines basic rules, standards, and behaviours for JG-I employees.

Our expectations regarding adherence to requirements, behaviours and activities extend to include our employees, vendors, sub-trades and suppliers. We expect them to understand and meet JG-I's corporate principles and behave in a manner consistent with the JG-I Code of Business Conduct, JG-I Employee Code of Conduct, JG-I Privacy Code, JG-I Administrative Procedure, JG-I Policy, JG-I Risk Management Work Group, JG-I Vendor Code of Conduct and JG-I Supplier Code of Conduct.

HSE Safety Manual and all relevant documents and forms are accessible to all JG-I Employees, and can be found on the JG-I internal shared drive without restrictions.