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Our policy is to perform work in the safest possible manner in accordance with client safety specifications, federal regulations and provincial regulations.

Our commitment is to take every reasonable precaution to provide and maintain a safe work environment which protects the physical, psychological and social well-being of our employees.

Our goal is to eliminate or minimize hazards which may cause injury or illness.

Our expectation is that all projects will be on time, within budget and completed safely.


JG-I Group (as the employer) and all employees (as workers) share responsibility to work together in accordance with Section 2 of the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulations and Code, which states:

  1. Every employer shall ensure, as far as it is reasonably practicable for the employer to do so, the health and safety of the workers.
  2. Every worker shall, while engaged in an occupation, take reasonable care to protect the health and safety of the worker and of other workers present while the worker is working, and co-operate with the worker’s employer for the purposes of protecting the health and safety of all other workers.


As stated in the JG-I Group Company Health and Safety Policy, JG-I and all JG-I workers share responsibility to ensure work is completed in a way that protects the health and safety of all workers. Our management team at JG-I Group provides overall leadership for the Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Program.

Senior Management demonstrates their commitment to HSE leadership role both visibly and professionally at all times.

Middle Management/Supervisors actively promotes the HSE Program and evaluates workers to ensure they are capable of meeting JG-I Group’s safety objectives.

Workers and Contractors learn and abide by all safety standards as per our HSE Program, Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act, Code and Regulation, and Client’s requirements.


It is the policy of JG-I that for every work task to be completed, the risk (probability + severity) is assessed/analyzed so that proper controls can be put into place to minimize and lower the risk of injury/illness. JG-I utilizes a combination of formal hazard assessment techniques and site-specific hazard assessment techniques.

Risk assessment is a vital component in ensuring on-site safety, helping to drive JG-I Group toward our ZERO ACCIDENT target.


JG-I Group strives for a “Zero Accident” target in all our operations because ALL ACCIDENTS ARE PREVENTABLE. In order to achieve this target, we must have an unshakable support system, rooted in Management, and branching out to all JG-I Group workers, subtrades and stakeholders.

To achieve the ultimate goal of “Zero Accident”, JG-I Group pledges to:

  1. Commitment and demonstration of health and safety practices and policies by JG-I Group Management
  2. Provide ongoing health and safety training
  3. Encourage transparency and open dialogue for all health and safety matters
  4. Prompt investigation and mitigation of risk


JG-I Group provides, to all JG-I Group workers, safety and related training that is necessary to minimize losses of human and physical resources of the company.

This training includes, but not be limited to:

  • HSE orientation for all employees
  • Hazard identification and control processes
  • HSE and leadership training for supervisors and management
  • Task and trade-specific training and certification
  • Specialized safety and related training
  • Refresher and update training


Transparency and open communication are the foundational building blocks which allow JG-I to maintain our Core Values. Input from employees is encouraged during all formal meetings and is an integral component of our positive Health and Safety Culture.


JG-I Group does not separate our subcontractors from our own employees. We apply the same set of Health and Safety standards that we hold ourselves accountable to and ensure their understanding and compliance of JG-I Group's Health and Safety Policies and Procedures prior to any arrangements made or work conducted.

Additionally, JG-I Group Subcontractors are security cleared and monitored for quality assurance.


JG-I Group holds a COR (Certificate of Recognition) which is a nationally standardized occupational health and safety program accreditation for industry employers aimed at reducing the human and financial costs associated with workplace accidents and injuries.

JG-I Group’s HSE Department conducts an annual COR safety audit, ensures ongoing legislative compliance and provides support for all JG-I Group workers and sub-trades.

In addition to formal COR auditing, the efficacy of our Health and Safety Program is measured on an annual basis, comparing our Recordable Injury Rate (RIR) from year to year.

Through these audits and comparisons, JG-I Group is able to address areas where improvement is recommended and plan for completion of corrective actions.

Incident investigation and reporting is an essential part of our Health and Safety Program. The goal of an Incident Investigation is to find the direct and indirect causes of the incident in order to ensure problems are corrected, and the likelihood of reoccurring incidents are reduced. JG-I Group perceives all incidents as opportunities to teach and train our workers.