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Ethics Hotline

We don't just provide architectural, engineering services, and project management – we are building a community!

In alignment with our core values of Respect and Accountability, JG-I maintains a toll-free Ethics Hotline 1-866-702-8528 so employees can report activities that may involve violations of JG-I's Business Code of Conduct or Health and Safety Policies and/or Procedures.

When concerns arise, JG-I encourages employees to consult with their immediate Supervisor, the Project Supervisor or their HSE Department representative. If their concerns are not resolved, they are encouraged to voice their concerns by phone to the Head Office.

Some examples of the types of violations or improper activities to report include the following:

  • Financial reporting and internal control issues
  • Health, Safety and Environmental issues, including unsafe working environments
  • Workplace disputes and misconduct
  • Workplace Violence
  • Workplace Harassment
  • Human rights and employee rights issues and/or suspected violations
  • Bribery and excessive gifts
  • Unfair advantage and expedience
  • Confidential information leaks
  • Managers using employees for their personal profit/business
  • Unfair performance evaluations
Report Violations1-866-702-8528