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Architectural, Engineering, Environmental Consulting, and Project Management


We don't just provide architectural, engineering services, and project management – we are building a community!

People are the heart of our business. JG-I understands that the Company’s continued success is dependent upon building and maintaining strong relationships with people and communities.

JG-I fosters this development and growth of relationships with people and communities in various ways:

  1. We contribute to the growth of communities in which we conduct our projects, ensuring the work is completed safely and on-time without costly delays
  2. We provide employment to many individuals, subcontractors and vendors in the Edmonton area and throughout Canada, contributing to the local socio-economic development
  3. We assess and control/mitigate any negative impacts which may arise as a result of any JG-I work activities
  4. We give back to the community through various charitable initiatives

We believe that success is made from a number of factors: positive thinking, passion, persistence, experiencing adversity, and nurturing strong interpersonal relationships with people and communities.